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Help me please :(

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fur mite
fur mite  
Hello, I have a big problem and I need your help. I live in a country where vets do not know anything about rabbits !!!
I live in Serbia (ex Yugoslavia)
Here people use the rabbits for food:(  I love my pet rabbits and I have to help them. They have awful fur mites (scabies) since June this year. Long it took veterinarians to discover that , so we started treatment in September.
They were given 5 injections of ivermectin.
But have never grown all hairs. 90 procent of hair grown, but other 10 procent is still witouth hair :(  Vet sad that need to pass six weeks until the skin recovers and hair starts to grow.
It's been a lot more than six weeks, and my rabbits are lost new hair !!!!!  I do not know what to do.Veterinarians say it is dangerous even to receive ivermectin more than 5 times.
Today I put them for the third time at a drop of Ivermectin behind the ear (every 10 days)
Does not help. I am desperate! In Serbia we do not have anything other than ivermectin, I am sure, I asked 100 times. No Stronghold, no Revolution. But I can order Stronghold on internet. What do you think about that? Can Stronghold help us?
Fur mites are not visible, they are only seen under a microscope.
The skin is full of dandruff and flakes.
Every day they lose more and more hair. I clean house every week, always with vinegar because vets recommend that. They live in a very clean house.
We changed our hay, we changed the litter.
I do not know what to do and whom to ask for help. Please help me you are my only hope :(
Sorry for my English.

Dear Vasilika,

It would definitely be worth trying Stronghold, and I would ask the vets to help you order it online. But note that there are more causes for fur loss in rabbits than only mites.  Please see:

for further information.  Use 6mg/kg per rabbit.  The concentration of the solution you buy will dictate how much volume you use on a bunny.

I hope it will help.