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rabbit swallowed rubber band

22 11:33:35

my rabbit was wondering around the room nd started to chew on a rubber band nd then swallowed it, what should i do? let him just pass it thru or what?

Dear Rhonda,

Although an intact rubber band could cause a problem with intestinal blockage, it's not all that likely.  Be sure to give bunny LOTS LOTS LOTS of fresh hay to push things through, and make sure he gets plenty of fresh water and fresh, wet greens to keep his intestinal contents hydrated and easily moving through.

A little bit of laxative grade mineral oil might actually help soften up the plastic the rubber band is made of, and help it break down and pass more easily. (Rubber bands aren't made of real rubber any more).

Keep an eye on him, but if he's still acting fine and has a good appetite by 72 hours after the event, I suspect he's passed it and all will be well.