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My Yorkie does not have long hair

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Hi. I need to know why my 14 month old yorkie's hair is not long. I have had her
groomed a couple of times, but just a simple trip. Her hair just won't grow and
she scratches alot! Is there something I can do with her diet or should I take her
to the vet?


Does she have fleas?  Does her dog food contain chicken in the ingredients?  Does the itching seem to coincide with allergy season?  Yorkies along with other small dog breeds are very susceptible to allergies.  They can be allergic to fleas, food or the same allergens that humans are allergic to.  Skin allergies are the most common (which would explain the itching).  You may have to switch her to food that does not contain chicken.  Chicken could also cause skin allergies and that would cause the itching.  The only way to determine if it is allergies would be by the process of elimination.  Make sure she has no fleas, then remove the chicken from her diet and if that does not stop the itching then you will need to take her to the vet.

As far as the hair growth it could be related to the allergies but I doubt it.  Another possibility would be that she has mange.  Does she have any bald spots or scaly skin?  If yes then you need to take her to the vet asap.  Left untreated mange can kill.

The last thing to consider is that she just naturally has hair that will not grow.  Yorkies have all different kinds of hair.  Some are thin, thick, curly, straight, coarse, oily etc.  I think you get what I am trying to say.  Do you know what kind of hair the parents had?  They are usually the best indication of what their offspring's hair will be like.

If you can afford it you may want to consider taking her to the vet to get a definitive diagnosis and to put your mind at ease.  He could also give her something for the itching that would make her more comfortable until you straighten out what the problem really is.