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is my baby overweight?

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Hi... I have a 7 month old yorkshire terrier... that's had a sudden increase in her weight... when she was exactly 6 months old she weighed 2 pounds... she was very small cute..etc...  if I am not mistaken you are supposed to change their feeding schedule when they are this old right? from 3 times a day to twice a day??  .. well I started feeding her twice a day when she was 6.5 months old... and now all of a sudden I have a huge long yorkie... her weight is 3.5 pounds... and that's way too much weight gained for just a month... she usually gains .2 ounzes a month or gains no weight at all... I feed her with nutro...   but I dont know ... if I've got an overweight yorkie...
.. I would love if you could help me with this issue



Your baby is not overweight.  You are also not overfeeding her.  I have always left the food down all day instead of giving it to them on a schedule.  There are different thoughts on this but I found that they would be more likely to gorge themselves if only fed a couple of times a day.  Yorkies are usually picky eaters and since they have such small bodies they cannot always eat a lot at one time.  How you feed her though, is a matter of choice.

Yorkies usually stop growing "up" at around seven months and then they fill "out" until they are about a year old. I would say that your baby has started filling out right on time. They go through growth spurts just like children do. It sounds like she just went through a growth spurt.  Over the years I tried to keep track of the weight of my puppies weekly to see if I could then find a formula to calculate how big they would be full grown.  What I found was that it is not possible because every puppy was different.  The best indication of how big she will be is her parents.  If she had a 6 pound mother and a 4 pound father then she will be between 6 and 4 pounds, and so on.