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Bottle feedong a puppy

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This is the Gods truth, she is 4 week old today and weighs 3.6oz.  I have never heard of that small of a baby and she just does not seem to be growing. She was a C-section, her litter mat was dead before she was born, and cause the mother infection and not able to nurse. . She was not premature, Her eyes just opened last week,I did notice she has a slight clubbed front foot and doesn't stand yet, she still sleeps all the time. The mother keeps her clean for me. What can I try different.  She has loose stools and they are yellow. I have just started to give her Nutra Cal before I bottle feed her to see if that will not put weigh on. My sister has me put evaporated milk with the puppy formula.(Natural-All) 5cc evaporated milk to 30cc formula,to try to put weight on, and clear uou the stool problem. she did at one time have reg. stools.but she was nt gaining weight. Is there any thing that I am doing that I shouldn't. Than you for listening


At four weeks of age your puppy is very underweight.  Most puppies are three to five ounces when they are born and should double their weight in a couple of weeks.  I believe that the formula you are feeding her is probably too rich for her tiny digestive system which could explain the runny stools.  Even if that is true she should weigh more than she does.  There is definitely something wrong especially since she is having runny stools.  This does not appear to be something you can fix on your own.  If it were my puppy I would take her to the vet as soon as possible.  With her tiny size the runny stools could kill her in as little as a day.