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poppy my yorkie

20 11:39:35

im not sure when poppys puppys are due .she is off her food and milk has arrived in her nipples .shes very large want walk any where and drinks loads .is this a sign that the birth is close thanks tracey


The gestation period for a dog is nine weeks.  From the day you mated her count forward to today and that should give you a good idea how close she is.  The milk usually starts coming in about two weeks before the birth.  Usually if they stop eating the puppies are only hours away.  Make sure you keep an eye on her and if she appears to be pushing she is going to have puppies soon.  If she has not had her puppies after pushing for an hour she may be in trouble and you will need to consult your vet right away.  As long as you bred her with a male that was about half her size you should have no problems.