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Yourkie problems

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My yourkie was born on Nov. 15th, I didnt get him untill December 22nd, but he was acting just fine like any normal little puppy. He is biting really bad now. When its time for me to lay down at night he use to just lay down know problem now he wants to jump at your face bite your feet , arms hands, etc.  He growles at you when I am telling him no and it just seems to entice him more and more when you are trying to get him to stop.  He is constanly grabbing you pant legs and biting them which i figured he that was pretty normal. I have tired a lit pat on his nose or behind to get him to stop but that seems to entice to and make worse so  I stopped that because I didnt want to make it worse.  It is like everyday i am battling with him biting and it takes him like 45 mins to calm down from doing this. What can i do?


He is displaying normal puppy behavior.  The reason that he was calmer when you first got him is because he was still young.  What you need to do is get a stuffed animal and play with him for about 30 minutes before you go to bed so that when it is time to go to bed he will be tired.  Puppies have a lot of energy and they need an outlet to disburse that energy.  As far as the biting you will just have to be patient.  When he does something that you do not want him to do you must say NO in a loud and firm voice.  If he does not stop then you say it again.  If he still won't stop you need to put him in time out (use a dog crate or cage) so that he knows if he does not obey you are going to put him in time out.  Puppies are a lot like children and with consistency and patience he should grow into a well behaved dog.

Keep in mind though, that you must give him attention and play with him or he will be a very unhappy dog.  He needs exercise and lots of love in order to develop properly.