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8 year old male with pain in front legs

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My 11 pound, purebred!, energetic yorkie loves to play ball,  I think he is experiencing pain in his front legs.  We have stopped the ball playing.  He licks his front legs a lot and they seem tender to the touch.  can I give him baby aspirin to alleviate his pain until we get him to a vet to have him checked out?


It is not a good idea to give your Yorkie baby aspirin.  Because medications are prescribed according to weight and you don't know the weight ratio of the aspirin it could do more harm than good.  As soon as you get him to the vet his pain should be relieved because they now have some very good joint pain medications.  Keep in mind that stiff joints will get stiffer if they are not used.  You should still play ball with him to limber up his joints but I would cut the time spent in half so that his joints don't get over used.  I wish I could have given you better answer but I would not want you to go through the consequences of giving the wrong dose of medication.