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hhi melinda I have a question regarding my yorkie. I brought my yorkie to my
breeder exactly 26 days ago, she mated then and every other day for two
more mating. I just brought her back earlier to see if the breeder could
palpate for puppies, she told me she can't feel any and she's not sure if my
girl took to the breeding. My question is what are the chances that my dog
might still be pregnant. She shows signs of pregnancy like swollen vulva and
change in temperment. The breeder had palpated my dog before on her the
first time we bred my dog. She easily could tell that she was pregnant and
will have 3 puppies, and my dog did have 3 pups. Could she be right that my
dog didn't take to this recent breeding? Should we not look forward to
puppies this time around? Either or its fine I just want to know our chances.
Thanks in advance melinda. Oh btw she was bred on the 8th, 10th and 12th
day of her heat cycle.


First let me start by apologizing for taking so long to reply.  My Internet has been down and has only just come back.  It sounds like you and your breeder have done everything correctly which would lead me to believe that she should have gotten pregnant.  That however, does not mean that she is pregnant.  Since she is almost four weeks along our of a total of nine weeks I have to agree with your breeder that it is doubtful that she is pregnant.  Sometimes with a false pregnancy their swollen vulva and temperament changes can mimic pregnancy and while those are signs we use to identify pregnancy they are not always accurate.

That being said, it is possible that she may have one puppy and the breeder cannot detect it yet.  Unfortunately for you there is nothing you can do except wait a little longer to find out if she is pregnant or not.  Give it a couple of weeks and then you can be sure. If at six weeks no puppies can be felt then I would say for sure your baby girl is not pregnant.