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HELP advice on breeding my yorkie

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Ive got a female yorkie and have recently bought a male, my female yorkie is smaller than the male is it ok to breed them still? I heard on the news that a yorkie girl had puppies with a shar pei boy, yet i have always thought that could never happen, the yorkie was tiny compared to the sharpei and it had dozens of puppies, how is this possible? More to the point can i breed my two yorkies?

I would have to assume that the reason it was on the news is because it was such a miracle.  Usually if you breed a small female with a larger male you will have complications.  The puppies are usually too large for the female to have and she has to have a c-section.  This is done all the time but it is still dangerous not only for the mother but the babies.  I have never lost a mother but I have lost many puppies during an emergency c-section.  If you love your female you do not want to go through that experience.  Of course the decision is up to you.