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Teacup Yorkie tooth extraction pain

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QUESTION: Our Yorkie just had a tooth pulled. The vet did not send any antibiotics or pain meds. Our dog is in pain. What is safe to give him? Tylenol, baby aspirin, or what? Thank you.

ANSWER: You didn't say how old your yorkie was?  If it was a pup then I can see not giving it antibiotics because it was probably a baby tooth.  If however it is an adult you should have been given antibiotics.  As a rule vets give the pet a pain pill at the time of the extraction and then if you request it they will send home a couple.

Dogs do not show pain unless it is extreme.  If your dog is in so much pain that it is noticeable it could be that there is something else wrong.  I cannot recommend that you give the puppy any pain medication because weight is always a factor.  Please call you vet, if they are reputable they will answer this question without charging you.  I would also ask about why there was no antibiotic given.  If they are not forthcoming I would suggest finding another vet.

Sorry I could not be more helpful.


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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer. I'm sorry I left out details. Bently is 3 1/2 years old; and weighs almost 5 lbs. I have left messages for the vet whose office is closed; and will definitely ask for antibiotics. In the mean time, is there any pain med I could give him now? I will continue to call the vet's office. Thank you.

No, I would not recommend it.  I know it is hard to see your baby suffer but you just can't take the chance of giving him something that he could overdose on or that could kill him.  There are a lot of medications that dogs can take that are the same as humans but there are also some that can kill them.  I have given my large dogs (60 pounds) an advil for pain in the past but would be hesitant to do so with a small dog.  I am so sorry you are having to watch your baby suffer.  If it's not to much trouble let me know how it turns out.