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Female Yorkie acting weird

20 11:39:03

Hi Melinda -

I have a 3 year old "Toy Yorkie" (5lbs).  Every few weeks she gets into this weird funk for as little as a few hours to a couple of days.  She'll sniff at the air and look around almost like there's some sort of ghost/spirit bugging her (which I know it's not).  She'll turn her head around towards her backside, and run like there's something stuck to her.  Then she'll either just sit in her bed and look around, or will need to be held (this varies).  It's always the same type of behavior, and goes away for a few weeks, then out of the blue will start up again.  It's never really worried me to much, but she was staying with my mother for the weekend when it happened and it really frightened my I told her I'd look into it.  The vet see's her quite often and hasn't been able to find anything wrong with her.  Thanks for the help in advance!


There is nothing to worry about.  Yorkies have peculiar personalities.  I have had some who displayed the behavior you are referring to and some who did not.  The vet could never find anything wrong and they all lived full lives.  Tell you mom not to worry.