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Yorkie health

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Our 9 week old Yorkie had two episodes this morning in which she foamed at the mouth, while her bladder/bowels let go.  Afterwards she seemed a bit dazed and lethargic.  In awhile she ran and played, but often sits and stares, as if in a fog.  Shw eats and drinks well and has been very active.  No ingestion of foreign objects, to my knowledge;  someone is with her every minute while she is outside.  We have a health guaranty, but want to do what is best for her.  Our Vet is open at 8:00 tomorrow.  Thanks, Dan


I'm guessing you already went to the vet but I will tell you what I think just in case you have not.  What you are describing are seizures.  Small dogs are know for having seizure disorders.  Since your puppy is only nine weeks old I would seriously consider taking it back.

There are medications that can be given to help control the frequency of the seizures but they do not stop them or the damage that is done to the heart every time they have a seizure.  Seizure disorders can result in death depending on the severity.  You can be assured that the disorder will significantly shorter their life if it does not kill them first.

I speak from personal experience.  One of my girls died in my arms after going into a seizure, which caused her to have a massive heart attack.  She began having the seizures at the age of 4 (much older than yours is) and she lived for an additional 5 years.  During that time she was on phenyl barbital to lessen the seizures occupancies and to help them not be as severe.  Every seizure was a horrific experience and I would dread it when she would come to me looking at me with those eyes that said; mommy, I feel one coming on and I'm scared.  She would always seek me out because she knew it was coming.  I would hold her and talk to her as gently as I could and assure her she would be all right.  

I know that you want to do right by this puppy and while that is admirable I would seriously reconsider keeping the puppy. My baby having seizures was one of the worst experiences in my life and even though she is gone now when I think about it, it just breaks my heart.  Watching her suffer was unbearable. If you can I would appreciate it if you would let me know what the vet says and what you decided to do.