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6 month old yorkie poo Daisy

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my puppy is a 6 month old yorkshire terrier poodle mix.  she has started
acting strange lately.  she will sit and stare at nothing but she always comes
when we call her.  she acts like she wants to play but then refuses to play.  
today i noticed that she had lost one of her canine baby teeth and she seems
to be avoiding holding things with that side of her mouth.  i am going to have
her spayed (hopefully) by the end of the month but her strange behavior is
starting to worry me.  she is normally very loving and always giving us kisses
but today she kept turning her head away and pushing her paws at me as if
to say "Mommy leave me alone".  any ideas on what could be causing these
behavioral changes?


Behavioral changes are often very difficult to diagnose.  Her behavior could be caused by several things but your description of her behavior doesn't seem to point definitively to any one thing.  Sitting and staring at nothing can sometimes be a sign that they are having a seizure.  Usually if it is a seizure there are other signs like drooling, shaking and disorientation.  Her refusal to play could be directly related to her teeth.  If her mouth is hurting it would be only natural for her to not want to bite on toys or play.  Pushing you away and not wanting to give you kisses can also be a sign that they are in pain.  Because of her age she could also be going through some hormonal changes that would cause personality changes.  If she is about to go into heat that would explain some of the symptoms.

Because her symptoms are all over the place and do not point to any one specific thing I would suggest that you take her to the vet to make sure that she is not in pain.