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he has a lump on his cheek and under his chin

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i have noticed it within the past 2 days or so, that my rabbit has a lump on his left cheek, and a slight one  under his chin. what could this be? the only thing I could think of is that  he might be storing food or something,( which i didnt think rabbits did), but i am concerned.    if you have any idea of what it could be, please e-mail me back.

How big is this lump on his cheek?  If any larger than the end of your thumb it needs to be checked out to make sure it isn't an abscess.  The one under the chin could be connected if they are part of the same lump.

Rabbits don't store food in their mouths like hamsters do.

Your vet can aspirate the lump to see if it is an abscess or something else.