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Losing Fur Rabbit

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Is it normal for a rabit to shed alot. we think he may have a vitamin or mineral defeicency? can a deficeny make a rabitt loose its hair rapidly?(just so you know there is hair undernaeth. he has no bald spots acept behind his neck??) CAn you please help me??

Dear Amanda,

Now is the time of year that many rabbits are undergoing their  shed from summer to winter coat, so expect to see a LOT of fur flying, even if your bunny has no mites.  As long as the skin underneath is healthy, and fur is growing back in normally, it's nothing to worry about.

Just be sure to groom him well, so he won't ingest his fur.  Provide lots of fresh grass hay, wet greens, and fresh water to keep his intestinal contents hydrated and moving well, to push through any ingested hair.  For more detail, please read:

Hope that helps.