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Male rabbit is spraying and pooping everyware

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I have a male rabbit about 2 yrs old I adopted and I will be getting him fixed, till that happens I have put a stuffed animal in the cage for him to release he frustration. He is very nice, there is very little aggressive behavior just spraying, circling me. My question is Why is he pooping everywhere? Is it related to his hormones? He uses his litter box, but when he comes out it's constant pooping he goes near me and gets excited and when I keep my distant there's hardly anything...Will having him fix help this big problem? I strongly believe he should enjoy being out of his cage daily, but I can't have poop all over. I love him and I want to spend time with him, but he won't stop pooping on me all over.

What should I do?


First off, what an absolute cute bunny!!

As for the poo'ing everywhere, it sounds like your dealing with territory marking and excitement, yes rabbits do it with both poo and pee, and for an owner who has no clue what is going on it can be frustrating.

Getting him fixed will help a lot, this cuts down on a rabbits urge to mark, and makes you less of a "excitment" right now you are probably what he considers his mate, and so when he sees you he gets happy and excited and wants to make sure all the other rabbits know that you are his, and then proceeds to make that known in rabbit talk (poo)

Even as a breeder, I agree that rabbits need out time (all my buns except pregnant does in their last week, cause not such a good idea to pick them up get out time in a pen in my yard once a week, i think it makes for happier, healthier buns)  Until you are able to get your rabbit fixed, you might try finding a spot that is easy to clean or pen him off a part of the house and lay a blanket down that way clean up is easier, or if you plan on getting him fixed soon, just wait, a week or two with out getting to run around won't hurt him as long as you still pay attention to him.

Once he is fixed, start in a small area with lots of litter boxes that already have some droppings in it, this way he can see and smell where he is supposed to go.

Don't expect perfection immediately, it will still take a bit of time, but once neutered, it will be shorter, easier, and he will be much more inclined to going in the litter box.

Also check out this website for more info on how to litter train, scroll down until you see the roll of toilet paper lol

Good Luck