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build up of wax

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QUESTION: Hi Dana, my rabbit had a build up of wax last year.I took her to the vets and they gave me Canaural ear drops! it cleared it up strait away! Since then she`s had babies and she got a build up of wax again when her babies were 4 weeks old.Took her to the vets again because I thought ear mites,the vet said she does`nt have mites. I had to wait until her babies were weaned so I could treat her with the ear drops again,so I did. She has just had babies again they are 3 weeks old and I can just see the start of the build up of wax again,she holds her ear down and I know it aggravates her alot I dont want to wait till it gets that bad that I can see it bleeding it looks horrible! Is there something I can use to clear it up? Because the vets arn`t recommending anything. Thankyou so much..donna..

ANSWER: Dear Donna,

Ask the vet about using a disinfectant ear flush to really clean out the ear canals.  Also you might want to consider *why* she is having such a buildup, which isn't really normal.  Check here:

for information about ear mites.  The mites don't have to be ridiculously overpopulated to cause problems, and she might just have a small overgrowth. (Gestation and birth are stressful, and will compromise her immune system and shorten her lifespan if she gives birth so often.)

Please find a rabbit vet here:

for a second opinion.  And please also read:

Ask about getting some Stronghold (selamectin) in case it is mites.  Can't hurt, and might help a LOT.

Hope this helps.


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QUESTION: Thanks for that, very helpful. sorry for not being clearer this happened last year she is not a breeding machine she might have 2 litters a year,she had her first litter last year in september and this one is her second litter! thankyou.

Dear Donna,

Please still read the article above.  I think you'll find it interesting.  Note also that unspayed female rabbits have a very high risk of uterine cancer.

Hope she stays well, and you have a happy, wonderful life together.