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lop eared rabbit.

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hi, my name is Anna and about a week ago i purchased a lop eared rabbit from a local pet store and i was wondering should i bring her to the vet ? theres nothing wrong with her at the moment and i wanted to see if she is well and healthy.

At home i give her fresh drinking water everyday, rabbit food mix that was recommended at the pet store (has seeds, bits of hay, pellets and dried corn) knowing that corn is bad for bunnies i always take them out when i feed her the mix, she also has unlimited hay in her hutch. i also feed her veggies daily like celery, broccoil, parsley, sometimes carrots and leafy greens. am i feeding her right?

when i braught her from the pet shop i was really excited and kind of forgot to ask her age, i came back a week later and they told me she was 6 weeks old! so should i continue feeding her veggies?

thank you in advance.

Hi Anna,

I'm so sorry about the delay--I was traveling.

A vet is never a bad idea--especially given the age of your rabbit. If you ask for a vet tech, they can do the check up and often the clinic won't charge you the full cost of seeing a vet. Be sure that you ask the clinic if they consider themselves proficient in rabbit care--most aren't.

You're doing a great job!

The only correction is that vegetables are bad for rabbits--not corn. In fact, corn is a base product in most rabbit feeds. So you can leave those right in there.

I would cut out the vegetables or make sure you're only giving a very small amount (a leaf of lettuce, 1/3 of a carrot, etc) as a treat.

6 weeks is way too younng. In fact, the pet store could be fined an extortionate amount. And frankly should be. That baby was probably seperated from its mother at 4 weeks old--about 4 weeks under federal law, and honestly, 8 weeks too early from what is decent.

With that said, it's your turn to be mom!!! :) And it sounds like you're doing a BRILLIANT job of it. Please email me if you ever have any problems, questions, or just want to share stories:

Let me know how it's going,