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Bonding treated EC bunny to non-EC bunny

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Hi Dana,

We recently treated our EC positive rabbit with Panacur (for the 28 recommended days), per our vet's instructions.  How long should we wait before bonding our EC positive rabbit with our EC negative rabbit? Our vet is fantastic, but she was honest about the lack of information out there about this particular situation.  It was recommended to place the EC positive rabbit up for adoption, but I would like to find a way to keep the rabbit and bond her with our male rabbit.

(Just as a quick background on the EC positive rabbit - we had her tested per our vet's recommendation - she was drinking 4x the amount of water necessary.  She displayed no neurological symptoms of EC thankfully.)

Thank you in advance!

Dear Melissa,

If this were my rabbit, I would not hesitate to start the bonding.  There is no reason to think that your bunny, once treated, will pass the parasite to your "E. cuniculi negative" bunny.  And I would not make a bet that your rabbit might not also harbor the parasite.  Many rabbits have it or have been exposed, and never show signs of illness *ever*.  Some do.  It's luck/unluck of their particular immune system or environmental situation.

We've had E. cuniculi bunnies bonded to (apparently) E. cuniculi negative buns, and have *never* seen the partner come down with signs of the parasite.  I'm not saying it couldn't happen. Just that it's not a given, and from what I've seen, it's not all that likely.

Hope this helps.