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Cat vomits

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I have a semi long haired cat....For the past 2 years he has lost weight and vomits most foods. He is fussy of the kinds...He vomits anything with beef or liver... Mostly dry foods he can't tolerate. He eats the dry then within 15 mins up it comes. I finally tried Iams kitten formula which he keeps down. It would be a rare thing for him to vomit it up. Although I don't feel he eats enough of it...He also get;s 3 ozs of canned in the am and again in the pm. He always eats that and cleans his dish...1/2 hour later he is looking for more food. Can you give me any ideas if he had a sensitive stomach or what? Thank you for your time.

He might have hairballs and you can get hairball remedy from a store or vet office.  On the other hand, if what he is vomiting is not digested, he may be giving too much and he eats it too fast.  Try him on science diet.  If he won't eat it, try mixing small amount of his regular food until he eats all the new.  This cat food is more nutritionally complete that the ones you get in the stores. Switching catfoods all the time will create a finiky eatter.  Find one that he can tolerate and stick with it.  Also, take him to the vet.  He may have parasites that may be causing this problem, and with this going on so long, it needs to be addressed.  Be aware too, that cats will only eat small amounts at a time.  Let me know if you need more help.