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Dry skin

20 16:47:00

Hi, Tomay

My two tabbies have very flaky skin this winter.  Can you suggest a couple of ways to moisturize them?  One loves to shower (although he hasn't had one recently) and the other avoids water.

I am so sorry for the delay.  Apparently this question ended up in cyberspace somewhere!
Flaky skin can be caused by a variety of things.   Most times it is associated with diet.  "Precise" cat foods are formulated with skin and coat in mind.  I have a domestic shorthair who used to have real dandruffy problems, and since switching his diet, he has been smooth and flake free.  Precise is found at better pet food stores in your area.  Adding a little oil like Lipoderm,(oil with omega 3 fatty acids) can be helpful as well.  Keep in mind that if your water loving guy gets soapy and not rinsed properly and thoroughly, this can create flakiness as well as some itchiness.  There are also spray on conditioners for kitties, but they usually will just lick it off, but it could be worth while.  Hope this is helpful.  Good luck with them, and again, sorry for the delay.