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Can my indoor cats catch feline luk ????????

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I love animals all kinds and seem to have taken on the role of savior to all the lost and unwonted recently I have encountered a small female beautiful little lady who came to me very malnourished and almost dead.I have given her vitamins,wormed her and nourished her with healthy food.She is thriving  and looking good.Now I also have 7 indoor cats all who are altered and tested neg.for the feline luk so I am worried and need to know if on occasion if I let the little girl come in just to warm up if my outher cats could get feline luk if she might have it.She does not eat or drink with them or use their litter boxes.I plan to have her to a vet soon.It is so hard to deny her little eyes when she looks in the window but I dont want to endanger my outhers I love them so much and have lost one in the past to sickness,I cant go through that again.Do you have any information on this?
Thanks So Much,

Hi Rhonda,

Bring her in and isolate her in a separate room with all her things, litter box, food, water, etc.  Keep her in until you can get her to the vet.  If she has it (fe-luk), she could pass it on, but keeping her outside is not helping her stress level.  She needs to be inside, safe, warm and loved.  This will help her greatly too.  And do get her to the vet ASAP.  Please know that you can always write me for encouragement and help, and I would love to be kept updated on her.  You can write me direct at:  Hope to hear from you soon.  Barb