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inflamed eye lids

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I removed the aspen and I have organic paper litter. I just lined the cage which is quite large with newsprint. Is BNPH for rabbits?  I read it was for cats and  dogs; it seemed to get worse when I used the ointment.  Could she be allergic to the ointment and is it too harsh? I wonder if I should try a different Vet.
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My bunny is about 8 weeks old and his eye lids on the left eye are inflamed and swollen.  The hair around his ear has disappeared but it may be from his scratching.  I have been putting ointment from the Vets around his eye for bacterial infection the last 48 hours but it seems it is not getting better.  What do you think has caused this?  I bought the bunny at a Pet store and noticed the next day and was told his eye was watering and to watch his eye.  Do you know if this is common?
He may have a blocked tear duct that has gotten out of control. A blocked tear duct is fairly common, and sometimes it requires surgery to correct.

Another possibility is that it is a bacterial infection, but that she needs to be on a general antibiotic as well as the medicated eye ointment.

Rabbits can actually have allergies, too. Some rabbits are allergic to the dust in wood shaving type litters. Shredded paper, a product called "Carefresh", or dust-free cat litter (such as recycled newspaper litter with no added fragrance that might be harmful to the rabbit) is usually better for rabbits. If the cage is not cleaned often or if it is in a small area, he could be having problem from the ammonia his urine. Rabbits have a high ammonia content in their urine, and it can cause both eye and respiratory problems if the rabbit is constantly exposed to them. Cleaning the cage more often and placing it in a more ventilated area can help with this.

Yes, sometimes the ointment can cause the problem to be worse, especially if it is something like a blocked tear duct. I am not sure about BNPH, but I know that the brand called Carefresh is good. It is what I use.

I would suggest looking to another vet. Try to find one that has a lot of experience with rabbits.