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water nipels

22 9:46:03

where can I find water nipples/lickers?The only site I can find is The Bass Company and they seem a bit pricey.I have them on my 10 hole rack that was already set up with feeders and water system.I am trying to set up 18 more cages and would like to have a water system on them.

thanks in advance

Hi Mike,

I am really not sure but you can check some of the suppliers I have listed below:

KW Cages  --

Klubertanz  --

Apple Country --  --

I know all of these places ship.  I would call them all and see who has the better deal.  Your other option is to look for rabbit shows in your area.  Any ARBA sanctioned show should have a cage dealer.  If you find out who it is and place an order ahead of time you wont have to pay for shipping.  You can find a list of rabbit shows here:

Most of the States do not have any shows in the summer due to fairs.  However it might be worth it to wait until September when the shows start up again.

Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for.