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Baby bunny..

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Hi.. I have a 2 - 3 week old baby bunny. I've been feeding him cow milk and kitten formula. But because he doesn't drink a lot I  also fed him carrots and lettuce and the previous owner gave him goats milk. I wasn't sure if I was feeding him the correct food so I checked on the internet to make sure. I read that it's not good at all to feed a baby bunny carrots or cow milk. Should I be worried?? The bunny still seems very healthy.. Also can I feed it any tipe of kitten formula and what is the right age to begin to feed him sollids.. It would mean a lot to me if you could help.. Thanks..

Hi Stephanie,

I would not start feeding veggies until he is about 8 weeks old.  The best thing to use is a formula that you can find here:

I really hope that the previous owner didn't intentionally take this baby a way from its mother. At this age there is a very slim chance of survival.  If the bunny does not survive you can not blame yourself.  It sounds as though you are doing everything you can.

Good luck