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Colour breeding

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mini rex buck
mini rex buck  
QUESTION: We have a very small blanket broken chocolate otter mini rex.
His dam was a blanket broken chocolate otter mini rex and sire a lilac otter mini rex.

We also have a doe of great type who is a casor self mini rex.
her mum was a ghost chinchilla and sire a normal chinchilla mini rex.

If we mated these two mini rex together waht would be the outcome of colours.

Also if we kept the best type daughter back and put her to the father again (please note the two adults are not line bred in their past 2 generations and are not related) Would we be able to get a nice type choc otter/broken choc otter out?

Many thanks


ANSWER: Hi Gurj. To answer your question I will need to ask you a couple of questions. You say your doe is a casor self? Do you mean castor? Do you mean self or do you mean solid? Also what color are the parents of the ghost chin? If you can give me the colors of all the animals on the pedigree it would help. Just list them as you would look down the pedigree. First row down, bucks sire and dam. Then next row, grandsires and grand dams, just straight down the row. Next all of the great grandsires and great grand dams straight down the row. Then I can tell you the chances of getting otters but also of getting REW's, Torts and other things. Looking forward to hearing from you again.  Pat

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Thanks for your quick reply

I think this is how you want this...

by castor self i mean castor solid

castor solid does pedigree (first her maternal line)

dam ghost chinchilla

grand dam normal chinchilla          grand sire normal chinchilla

great grand dam normal chinchilla      great grand dam normal chinchilla
great grand sire normal chinchilla     great grand dam blanket broken black
         (the parents of this broken black
         were a black doe broken lynx buck)

Castor solid does paternal line

sire chocolate otter

grand dam black otter          grand sire black otter
great grand dam black fox          great grand dam black otter
great grand sire choc solid          great grand sire chocolate solid

Now for the blanket broken chocolate otter buck

dam broken chocolate otter        

grand dam lynx          grand sire broken black otter
great grand dam choc otter          great grand dam broken black
great grand sire cinnamon          great grand sire chocolate solid

the broken choc otter sire

sire lilac otter          

grand dam lilac          grand sire lilac otter

(great grand parents both lilac)       great grand dam choc solid
         great grand sire choc otter

Hope I have explained this as requested!

Have a Happy Christmas! Hope to hear from you soon.

p.s it may help to write these pedigrees on to paper.  

Hi Gurj. OK, it looks like you can definitely get your otters in the first generation cross. I would say that black and chocolate are possible. Castor and chinchilla are also possible I think. Because chinchilla carries the c(chd) genes you may also get some silver martens as well. Because your buck is broken you may get some broken young in all of these colors. Because I find lilac in the pedigree it tells me that the dilute gene, which is responsible for lilac and blue,may be hiding and it may be that you can get these colors in self, otter, marten and if this gene is floating there somewhere you may get a lynx. You may also get some ghost chins and some fox if the sire hides the gene for this. I don't see it in his pedigree though. and since it has to be passed from both parents to show up, you may not get it till later in the second or third generation. Breeding the kits back to their father would not be a problem. Cull very carefully afterwards. Don't keep anything that isn't top quality. Line breeding will bring out the good and the bad in the lines. It will intensify both. Do not let the faults remain in the herd and you can breed them out pretty quick this way. I hope this helps. Lots of luck to you and let me know how things go.  Pat