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sick baby rabbit

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My baby dwarf rabbit has not been acting normal since i brought him home from the cattle sale. he was fine the first day but since then he has just wanted to lay around he will not eat & he is barely drinking. Should i put him with other rabbits for awhile or take him to the vet? I'm really worried about him will he die?

Dear Kimberly,

Baby rabbits sold at fairs and auctions are often sold far too young to be weaned, and they often suffer from fatal intestinal problems as a result. Please read this *immediately*:

and get your baby to a good rabbit vet without delay--NOW if possible.  If he's acting lethargic, he may be close to death.  A baby rabbit can die from dehydration or infection within hours with very little warning, and he may need subQ fluids and other medication immediately in order to survive.

If he has any sign of diarrhea, please share this with your vet:

and find a good rabbit vet here NOW:

Please get him to the vet as soon as you read this.  Time is of the essence, and a quick treatment can mean the difference between  life and death.

I hope this helps, and that your bunny will be fine.