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Pinkish worms in my red eared sliders stool

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My red eared slider
My red eared slider
So just two days ago i saw a little worm looking thing float across my red eared sliders tank. At first i assumed it was remnants of a feeding session or something. But today when i was cleaning my sliders tank i noticed about five or six of them floating around, and through closer inspection there where even tinier ones. I assumes they where midge larvae.There where a light brown in color with some yellow tint, prob about 2mm in size. Not very big at all. So i fed my turtle trying to see if the worm things where internal or not, and when he pooped i saw little pinkish worms seemingly in an earlier stage of development then the ones i saw initially. I can't go to the vet, and there are no vets dealing with reptiles in my area that i know of. I want to know what kind of worms  these could be and whether or not they pose a threat to my red eared slider. (my r.e.s is a baby)

Cass,    I am so sorry about your baby. You need to break the tank down wash everything with a thirty% bleach solution. It sounds like blood flukes. After the tank is set back up make sure you treat it with fluke tabs. The problem is this...these worms are extremely harmful to your turtle they get infested to the point you can see them  in their stool they have invaded their digestive system and maybe other organs. They cause him or her not to get the nutrition they need and cause them to die. Unfortunately if the fluke tabs don't work (u can get from pet shop)and he is too infested u may be able to talk to the vet and take a stool sample for testing and medication for it but, there is no way around this one it's going to need a vet.Especially as young as it is. Please keep me updated on your babies condition. Good Luck, Tina