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Wanting to do better e-mail

22 10:27:51

Hi, I was just wondering if you had received my questions yet? It was pretty long. Sorry to bug you. Thanks

If you look back I answered you on here and asked you to email me directly at

here is what I said in the other reply wich I went back and found on our site

Questioner:     Megan
Category:    Rabbits
Private:    Yes

Subject:    wanting to do better
Question:    Hi, I have two rabbits but I don't know what type, what age, or what sex they are and sadly, I am having trouble finding good vets that have a lot of experience with rabbits. No one has been able to tell me the breed, sex or age. They both have short, very thick hair that's as soft as silk. One is solid black and the other is kind of  brown with black on just the tips and a grey undercoat. Their ears aren't very big, just like a wild bunny I guess. I have had them for about six weeks now. I took them in to a vet about three weeks ago hoping to get them spade or neutered but they weren't even a pound yet and the vet said she wants them to be at least two pounds before they do that. She couldn't tell me if they we're male or female or what age they were much less the breed. Any advice on finding these things out? I could e-mail a picture if that would help. Also, I recently switched their diet to regular pellets. It's a bag that says it is specially formulated for young rabbits. I also provide them with Timothy Hay at all times. The trouble I have been having is that they seem extremely bloated and lethargic compared to what they were before. They're not grinding their teeth and they don't act like they're in pain but their poor little bellies look tight and kind of swollen. I think their stool is still normal, maybe a bit less. Is there any special feed you would recommend that might help with this. We take them out to play for a couple hours a day and if it's not to hot outside I will take the bottom off their cage and let them lay in the grass. They seem to eat a lot of the grass when we do that so I thought maybe that might be what's making them so bloated. Well, I very sorry to write so much, thank you for taking the time to read this and any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you! - Megan

Answer:    Hi Megan,

Relax I can help I believe you have some mini rex like mine but I would like to see a picture email me at and I will get you some help and where are you located? City and State send it all in the email and I will help you as much as I can I have a few good resources