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what is my rabbit?

22 10:27:51

My boyfriend bought me a rabbit a couple of weeks ago from Petco, he gor some papers with it stating that it has been neutered and had his shots but it didn't say what kind it was. He is solid black except for his feet. on three the bottoms are white and 1 has like a white sock, He has floppy ears that touch the floor and long hair on top of his head but his body the fur is realy short, It is extremely soft. I have searched and have not been able to find another one like him to find out what he is. Can you help me????????

Without seeing a picture of the rabbit it is really hard to guess, but if I were you I would do some research on Lionlops, or lop eared lion head rabbits.  Also knowing his size would be a great help, while color is one of  the most noticeable trait in a rabbit, very rarely does it tell you what kind of rabbit it is (with exceptions such as dutch rabbit)

If you would like to talk to me privately(send me a follow up marked private)  and send me a picture of him that would great.  That way I could be more help in figuring out what breed or mix of breeds he is.