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bunny going bald

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Bald bunny
Bald bunny  
This is my first venture into bunnies. We have had our little for approximately 4 weeks. He was around 6 weeks when we purchased him from a pet store. Over the past week and a half our bunny has started losing a large amount of hair on his neck, where his ears would lay if he was not a lop. It also extends down the sides of his neck and appears to be thinning along his ears as well. So far the top of his head and back has been spared. He was taken to the Vet who specializes in small animals 2 days prior to this question. He tested negative for mites. At that time he was given Vermectin and was sent home with a dose to take 2 weeks later, and under the instruction to return if he does not improve or gets worse. I would like to give him a little more time to improve, but would also try to figure out why he is losing hair. Internet searches have been little help.

He receives fresh hay all throughout the day, and a small handful of rabbit food once a day. He drinks at least a full bottle of water a day, if not two. At this time he now has two water bottles to ensure he is completely hydrated. His bedding is recycled paper. He also gets fresh veggies and apples as treats. He is allowed to run freely several times a day. He is urinating frequently and having normal BM's. When he is outside of his cage he is extremely active, usually running and hopping throughout the living room. His skin is crust free and is the natural color. He does not seem to scratch excessively or groom himself extensively. I am fully prepared to return to the Vet if necessary, but only wanted another opinion since his Vet was as confused about the situation as I am.

Hi Courtney,

Is this an American Fuzzy Lop rabbit by chance?  It appears to have long hair but I can't really tell what it is.  It is not uncommon at all for long haired rabbits to lose hair right behind their ears.  There are several conditions that can cause hair loss of which mites is the most common.  Since he is not itching and the mite test was negative I would think it would be safe to assume that is not the problem.  However it would not hurt him to be treated with selemectin as a precaution.  It doesn't appear to be ring worm as that is usually waxy and red in appearance but it wouldn't hurt to have your vet check.  There is also a possibility of a hormone imbalance but that is actually not very common in rabbits.  

I would just keep an eye on the area and make sure it is not growing larger.  I have seen this exact pattern in literally hundreds of long haired rabbits and when they molt this is usually the first place where they lose hair.  Unless he is having symptoms or it looks as though it is irritating him I would just keep an eye on him.

If you need anything else please don't hesitate to ask.