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Rabbit shaking

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Hi! I have owned my rabbit for about 3 years now. I bought him in a pets hop where they had about 8 weeks old rabbits but for some reason mine was a lot smaller than all the other ones and he looked very scared. I bought him because I felt sorry for him. He is a miniature cross breed natured boy. He is very friendly, knows a lot of tricks, gets exercised daily, comes to me when his name is called and generally he is obviously not afraid of me or any family members. Still he is constantly shaking. He seems to have mood swings, sometimes he just lays there shaking and hardly moved the other moment off he goes sprinting and jumping around as if he was still young and had no problem with him. The shaking was getting less and less but ow it came back again. I am very nervous if he has something wrong with his nerves or maybe it's just a bad experience as he was weaned earlier than all the other babies? He is my best friend and Is very much loved, I would do anything for him to feel better. He goes to vets regularly as has to have surgeries on back teeth about 2-3 times a year and the vets never said anything about his shaking, I might ask next time we go. Do you have any advice? Thank you!!

Hi Reka,

You might want to ask your vet about E. Cuniculi.  It can cause uncontrollable shaking in rabbits.  It can also cause problems with balance.  Truthfully I don't know what else it could be but it warrants a trip to the vet.  

Hopefully it is nothing.