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Lactating Yorkie

20 11:39:42

My Yorkie gave birth to five babies on Tues!!! With so many babies to feed her milk seems to be drying up, is there anything I should be giving her besides puppy food to eat? Any suggestions for mom and babies will be greatly appreciated :-). Thank you.


First let me start by asking why you think her milk is drying up?  As far as what you can do the answer is to provide her plenty of water.  Place some water where she can easily access it without loosing sight or having to go very far away from her babies.  Her milk should not be drying up and if the puppies are not getting enough it only takes a day for them to dye.  Usually the female does not like to leave her pups unattended for more than a few seconds in the first three days.  If she had her puppies on Tuesday then she is still within the don't leave your babies rule of nature.

If her milk is drying up you will need to pay very close attention to the puppies.  You may have to feed them from a bottle or eye dropper to keep them alive.  If her milk gets better in the next 24 hours that is great but if it doesn't you may have to take her to the vet.  Being this close to the weekend I wouldn't wait to long.  I would give her till tomorrow and then if the situation does not improve I would take them to the vet.  Usually vets want to cut the tails when they are about three days old so taking her to the vet tomorrow to have that done and to get her checked out would probably be your best vet.