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My yokie has fleas EVEN AFTER I USED FROUNTLINE PLUS!!!!! plese help me!!!

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Hello, my poor yorkshire terrier has fleas even after I put frountline plus on him! Plese help me and mt poor doogie! I put the frountline on him about 1 week ago and and I searched his shin and I pulled 3 fleas out of him after I gave him a bath plese help me!!!


I don't know where you live but this year has been particularly bad for fleas.  I also use frontline but for some reason it stopped working.  I spoke to my groomer and she told me that sometimes the fleas will build up a resistance to a particular flea product.  She suggested that I switch to Advantage.  

I'm getting ahead of myself.  Frontline and Advantage kill fleas that get on your dog but they do not kill them instantly.  So if you find a few fleas even after using frontline then it is possible that they had just not died yet.  Also, killing the fleas on the dog is not enough.  If your house is flea infested (which is usually the case by the time you start seeing them) then you will have to rid the house of the fleas as well.  Your vet can provide you with flea bombs (store brands do not work).  It is a major ordeal but if you do it right you should be flea free for a long time.  

When I need to take a drastic stand against fleas I put Advantage or Frontline on them a day before I bomb my house.  The day you bomb the house you leave everything out including the dogs bedding.  After you have returned home (you and your pets must leave the house for a couple of hours) I immediately throw every piece of bedding (dogs and humans) into the wash.  I wash them in hot water to kill any remaining fleas or flea eggs and dry them on high heat as well.  

This will take care of the flea problem in the house.  Advantage and Frontline will kill the fleas that get on your dog and it will also kill any larvae that are about.  One thing to remember though is that when you are going to put the Advantage or Frontline on your dog do not give them a bath for two days prior or two days after you put it on your dog.  The reason this is so important is that Advantage and Frontline both work with the oils in the dogs skin. If you give them a bath you remove the oils in the skin and therefore, defeat the purpose.

I have a backyard where my dogs can run around and play.  In order to keep fleas from coming back into the house I also flea my yard.  Home Depot usually has what you need to do the yard, and I would do the yard a couple of days before you bomb the house.

I know it is a lot but if you truly want to get rid of the fleas then you will have to do it.  Each year in the spring my husband fleas the yard and that usually keeps the house and my dogs flea free all summer long.  I know that fleaing the yard works because this year my husband ran out of flea stuff for the yard (he negated to tell me lol) and when we all of a sudden had this huge flea problem and I was saying how I didn't understand it, he confessed that he didn't flea the yard this spring.  Enough said.

I hope that this helps because I know what a pain fleas can be.  They not only bite my dogs but they like me too, and since my dogs sleep with me... well I think you get my drift.  Good Luck and Happy Fleaing!