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Hello, i have a queiry about my rabbits eyes. I bought him at six weeks old back in October and i have had no issues, until the other day i noticed that fur around both his eyes was coming away. The eye is not weeping and he seems his usual content self, with no other outstanding symptoms. I cant see him scratching it and their is no raw skin. I cant make out if this is usual in rabbits or if he is beginning to loose his coat and just needs grooming. I would appreciate any advice you may have.

Dear Rebecca,

Mange, caused by parasitic mites, often starts around the eyes and toes.  Please see:

and find a good rabbit vet here:

who can help you with the proper medication.

If the eyes are runny, this is an entirely different matter.  But since you see no discharge, I'd suspect--at least for the moment, and without being able to see it in person--that this is an early sign of mange.

Hope this helps.