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Rabbit heart beat

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My bunny is an indoor 2 year old boy. I would just like to know if it is normal for his heart to beat so fast. some times when he is lying down, his heart beat is very obvious to this normal?? I noticed it a while ago, so it isn't sudden but reading articles on other sites, worries me. He eats normally, his veg, pettits, hay etc.
I am sure his breathing is normal, i think its just his heart that beats really fast. the only time it slows down is when i either trance him or stroke him on the nose. Please could you help and tell me if it is normal. many thanks

Dear Vicki,

It is really unlikely that you can see his body move from his heartbeat (which is normally over 200 beats per minute!).  It's more likely that he's breathing very fast, which he'll do if he's hot, or if he's physically exerted himself.

If you are in doubt of his health, please get him to a good rabbit vet for a full wellness check:

But since I can't see him in person to tell you what you're seeing (unless you can post a very clear video somewhere), I cannot tell you for sure.

Hope this helps.