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Rabbit in labor

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I hope that you can help!  We knew our bunny was pregnant and laboring, and we did everything we needed to do (nesting box, etc).  She had two precious kits that appear to be doing well two nights ago. Momma was pleasant and acting normally, just tired.  To our surprise, we came down this morning to another kit???  Why would she have another baby almost 24 hours later, but was - and is - in no apparent distress????  Could there still be more babies?  Thanks in advance, as we are befuddled with normal litters being more than 2 (now 3) kits....and with the time that has elapsed.

Hi There

Strangely this can happen. A rabbit can have a quick delivery lasting less than 15 minutes, or sometimes kits are born hours or days later. Furthermore, a rabbit can carry two separate litters of bunnies because their uterus is shaped like two horns where a litter can be carried in each.
It is possible that she might have more babies, but don't panic if she doesn't. Small litters are normal as well and sometimes unfortunately babies are stillborn and unless you see them right after she gives birth, she will consume them as well as the afterbirth and you wouldn't know that they had even been there.
You can palpitate her belly to check for further kits inside, but I wouldn't do this for a couple of days because she's likely still quite sore.
My rabbit had had 2 kits alive in her last litter, but I had been to the box prior to this and saw four babies, and then there were only two. This litter was a surprise to me as well because she had had contact while pregnant with my bad buck who pushed out the screen and jumped up to the top level to be with his mate. she had the babies that day and then 30 days later she had another litter. They are really amazing creatures.

Hope this helps!