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my rabbit wont eat!

22 10:31:00

my rabbit is a female. she has had two litters of babies and we gave the first liter away. she was fine because she still had the  second batch. now we sadly had to give away the second litter because it was too expensive to neuter them. Now she wont eat, even her favourite treat. She doesnt come running to me like she always did. all i see is that when i come to give her food again the other food is gone. but she doesnt seem to have an appetite. is there something wrong with her or does she just miss the babies?

Dear Yolanda,

Depression can certainly make a rabbit sick.  If she is all alone, I would consider trying to let her have a companion rabbit so she doens't feel so lonely and miserable as to stop eating, but she will have to be spayed first:

But first she needs to be *physically* well.  Please read:


and find a good rabbit vet here:

to help you.  Your bunny may be in a spiral of depression that is affecting her health, and she needs medical attention.