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I have a litter of  week old yorkie pups and I was just wondering when they will start to get teeth and when to start weaning them from their mom.


Puppies don't open their eyes for about two weeks.  The earliest they begin to get teeth is about 6 weeks old.  The mother usually weans the puppies when they are about eight weeks old but if you plan to sell them you should start weaning them when they are about 7 weeks old so that they are on solid food when they leave home.  You will have to put puppy chow in a bowl with warm water and let it sit till the water soaks in.  Then you can mix the food up (which should be very soft almost like oatmeal)so it is easy for the puppies to eat.  If this is your first litter you should know that the tails need to be cut usually with three days of being born.  If you have not had their tails cut yet you should do it asap.