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breeding my Yorkies

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I am three Yorkies. Two females and one male.  The one larger frame female has had eight litters by the male.  The smaller frame Yorkie we have tried to breed with the male three times, and he can't seem to get inside her. She is willing, but he seems to go underneath her vagina and just humps.  Is there anything that can be done to help them?


There are two things that come to mind.  He could be too short which would cause his penis to bend downward instead of upward.  The solution to this is to get a towel and fold it several times.  Place the male on the towel and position the female in front of him.  Sometimes you will need two people, one to hold the female and one to hold the towel.  The towel will provide traction for the male as well as giving him some height.  If he needs further assistance you will have to slide your hand under the females belly in a flat position.  When the male starts to hump you will need to guide his penis without actually grabbing hold of it.  Use your flat palm to keep his penis from going under her belly.  The female you are trying to breed with this male should be larger than her.  You must never breed a female with a larger male.  The optimum breeding sizes should be a 2.5 pound male to a 5 pound female.I hope this helps.