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How About Cockatiels As A Pet? Learn The Ways To Raise A Cockatiel

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Cockatiels are famous species of the parrot family. Pet owners have contemplated about cockatiels as pets mainly because of their remarkable behavior and great features. These species are small parrots with varied color patterns and distinguishing over-head crest. Cockatiels are eye-catching, genial and easily tamed. Their small size makes it easier for them to be taken care of.

It can be nice to consider or ponder about cockatiels for a pet. These are very desirable pets to raise because of their generally amusing characteristics especially with their capability to imitate talking. Aside from mimicking, these parrots specie are also good in whistling. Actually, these birds can whistle some melodies especially when they are taught or if they constantly hear that particular tune.

It is vital to opt for young cockatiels because it would be easier for you to hand feed and as well as handle them significantly. In pet stores, cockatiels are sold in varied prices and in colors. With that, anticipate price difference and that a little more payment for a new cockatiel pet. As soon as you have the cockatiel, you will not regret any expense that you had shelled out because for sure you will enjoy it as your pet and companion.

A major thing about cockatiels is these birds' health form. Choose an active cockatiel. A silent bird with puffed feathers could be ill, thus passed up by buyers. Choose one with soft and shiny feather that also lay evenly on the body. There should be the presence of parched feathers surrounding their vent and they must be clean. They should have clean nostrils, smooth feet scales, well-shaped beaks and nails in tiptop condition.

Being knowledgeable about cockatiels also means giving them appropriate cage. They are playful and active that requires a big cage. Minimum cage size can vary so be sure to consider your pet's size. Make an allowance if they are still young as they can grow bigger. Horizontal cage bars are ideal for cockatiels since they provide a great chance for them to climb, play and exercise. Provide some perches them to climb.

Owners ought to know more about cockatiels especially when it comes to their nourishment. They must be fed with seeds as healthful parts of these birds' diet. But since seeds have high fat content, they should be given moderately. The recommend seed proportion in a cockatiel's diet is 30 percent. Nutritionally balanced pellets are also ideal for these bird species.