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Parrot Training That Works!

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For many people, parrot training can seem like a no-win proposition. Try as they may, the owners of these birds simply cannot get the lesson across to the animal, and that can be very frustrating not only to the human but to the bird as well.

It is no secret that many professional trainers can often charge into the thousands of dollars for their services, and that high price tag can keep many bird owners from going that route. So if professional training is too expensive and if going it alone does not work, what can a bird owner do if they want parrot training that actually works?

One option is to get the Tame and Train" instructional system that is currently being offered by one of the best bird trainers in the world. This very unique system allows the owner to watch video of an untamed and untrained bird as it is being taught various behavior modification techniques and even tricks to perform.

This parrot training system shows owners in very easy to understand language exactly what they must do to keep their birds from biting people when they are picked up and it also instructs owners on how to teach the bird to not scream at all hours of the day or night. But it does much more than that.

For starters, it begins by sharing with the pet owner why a bird acts the way it does. Understanding the bird and its behavior is a big step forward in teaching the animal what it should do and what it should not do. This information gives the owner a deeper understanding of the animal and this helps the owner work with the bird better as well.

The fact is, until a person understands why an animal acts the way it does, it is difficult to teach the animal anything at all. This is true not just with birds, but with any animal.

Once you understand the basics about your bird, you can begin the parrot training in earnest by simply doing what the instructional system teaches. The basic package comes with a video tape, 2 CD's of audio, a bird clicker to help with the training sessions and for later use, and this system even comes with an ebook on how to potty train your pet, as well as other materials.

The bottom line is that bird owners no longer need to accept bad behavior from their birds. Biting, screaming, and generally annoying behavior can lessen the joy these colorful and exotic birds can bring into a home. This bad behavior can also be somewhat frightening to children who witness it or who have, unfortunately, been bitten by a bird. This kind of animal fear can often last a lifetime, and that is a shame, for most of these birds, with the correct instruction, can be friendly, warm, and very loveable.

If you would like more information on this truly amazing system, visit Bird Tricks at their website, at Here you can read much more on how this program can help you and your bird develop and trusting and loving relationship.