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Air Cleaners For Cockatoos---5 Best Features To Have

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Whether your Cockatoo is an Umbrella, Sulphur Crested, Palm, Moluccan, Major Mitchell, Rose-breasted or some other beauty, they are gorgeous birds. And they are counting on you to provide the best life possible.

Clean air should be first on the list, making the right air purifier essential. The following 5 features will help you choose the right cleaner for you and your parrot.

Dust Filters---As gorgeous as this bird is, it produces a ton of the white powdery dust. And you don't have to have them in the house for long to become aware of just how much. Fortunately for the bird, this powder helps their wings stay healthy. Unfortunately for you, it can mean hours of cleaning only to have more of it show up at the end of the day.

Using a cleaner that has filters that are specifically designed to remove high volumes of particles is essential in eliminating the powder. By definition this type of filter is known as a HEPA. These letters stand for a filter that has been rated as high efficiency particle arresting.

And the benefit of this type of filtration to you and your bird is that it is required to remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 airborne particles that are .3 microns or greater in size.

Variable Filtration Speeds---Some days there is just more in the air than others. It can be due to a number of reasons---they are more active, you are cleaning, or both.

But whatever the cause, being able to remove more particles at a faster rate drastically reduces the number that you and your bird are forced to inhale. Ultimately, being able to adjust the filtration speed will keep you and your avian friend healthier.

Being able to adjust the speed also saves money. When all is calm you are not forced to keep it on high and waste electricity and money.

24 Hour Filtration----This white dust will be around as long as you have your bird. Being able to leave the cleaner on continually means that it is never allowed to build to a level that causes problems.

In order for a unit to be able to run safely without over heating or malfunctioning, it needs to have a split capacitor motor that is rated for high revolutions per minute and long life duty.

This means that whether you are home or not, you know that you are providing fresh, clean air. A quick look through the technical specifications or the owner's manual will tell you if the unit has this type of motor.

Fresh Air Only---The debate continues about the use of ionization and ozone in air purifiers. Why take a chance that may affect the health of you and your pet? Everyone agrees that pure air is the best solution and HEPA filtration provides that.

Low Maintenance---Your cockatoo needs it to be low maintenance so that any free time you have is sure to be spent admiring its beauty, feeding it exquisite treats, or teaching it new tricks.