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Should You Have A Baby Parrot As A Pet?

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Having a pet of any sort is a wonderful experience. However, all the pets on one side and a baby parrot on the other side, and still the baby parrot would be a definitely still contra-indicated.

Not if you like peace and quite; not if you ever like to have a pet which needs your attention in the least, not if you think that all you need to do for a pet is to feed it, provide a shelter and forget about it. Nobody, as a matter of fact, would be ever able to ignore or treat a parrot like it wasn’t there.

What you Should be Prepared for
A baby parrot is truly a darling in terms of wanting our attention. However wherever you are you will have to make sure that the baby parrot is with you. Making a long story short - the parrot loves company and noise. Do not keep it too much time away from you � and of course, acclimatize it to the rest members of the family.

As well, you should make sure that you teach your baby parrot all the ropes � after all, you brought it inside the house, and so now should you not be responsible for where it should be, who will feed it, and what the ground rules read that anyone who gets a pet will be directly responsible for its well being. Hence, all the responsibility fall upon the one who brought the parrot?

You will have to patiently train the baby parrot � it is much easier to teach the parrots when they are young (and alone) than in when they become full grown and they give you only total frustration

Furthermore, you will have to teach your baby parrot how to behave as a parrot as well � things like what is healthy form him, how to fly, whether to eat a dead mosquito or not, etc, how to fly, how to groom itself and so on. This is best achieved when you have two of them, and preferable that two of the same species � one old one and another young and tiny.

Remember to provide a cozy and extremely safe space to sleep � they will need a lot of care � sometimes as much if not more than any other pet three times its size. The ideal place where it would sleep would be either a small cotton ball nest-type of a small cage. The cage should be more to protect him from cats and mice and the other way around.