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The Joy Of Owning An African Grey Parrot

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The great thing about keeping an African Grey parrot as a pet is that it can form a strong bond with you. Unlike a dog which can fetch a baseball, an African Grey can talk, well at least mimic the sounds you and others around you make, including the telephone and microwave oven.

Just like any other pet, this bird requires all the attention you can give to it. Spend some quality time feeding your bird and you will discover their amazing character and affection. Unlike a cat or a dog, an African Grey parrot can live as long as humans do, and some even outlived their owners. In that sense, it is a great companion to have.

Considering that this bird is going to live with you for a very long time, it will need a big and sturdy cage for comfort, with doors opening on the front and at the top. It will not be a problem to source for a suitable cage because pet shops carry a wide variety of cages for parrots. And with the internet so accessible to anyone, ordering a bird cage from a website is also a good option if there are no pet shops in your area.

Unlike other pet birds, this parrot needs stimulation. Get parrot toys so that your bird can amuse itself during the times you are not at home. The most common ones are plastic rings that you can hang from the top of the cage. They love to bite, climb and hang upside down on the rings.

The African Grey loves dry natural seed and nut mix. You should be able make this yourself with ingredients from the grocery store or supermarket if the pet store is too far away. Fresh cut fruits and vegetables like celery and asparagus are also good for the parrot for the vitamins that they provide.

This parrot likes to be spoken too, especially by its owner. But be careful with the vocabulary that you use because the bird is actually studying all the sounds that you make and registering it in its head. But one good idea is to let it speak your name, home address and telephone number. This is exactly what an owner did and when his African Grey flew away through an opened window, the person who found the parrot managed to return it because the bird kept on repeating its owner's phone number.