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Owning A Blue And Gold Macaw Is A Huge Commitment Of Time And Devotion

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More and more people consider owning a Blue And Gold Macaw. The truth is only a very few should actually do it.

Just check the numbers of Macaws being sold by private owners. Far to often people simply bite off far more than they can chew or don't understand the amount of time, dedication, work, commitment involved with owning a Macaw parrot.

It is likely the beauty, the out of this world colors, the affectionate/playful natures and overall intelligence of Macaw parrots that make these birds nearly irresistible for animal lovers.

Unfortunately many people buy on impulse when buying one of these magnificent birds. Buying a Macaw is to often based on a delightful casual introduction and not any appreciable amount of before purchase research.

Properly trained, loving and intelligent Macaws are not something that just happens. That bird is the product of love, care, devotion, understanding and work. For those who own and love the Macaws, it may be the most gratifying work but it is work none the less.

Dedicated, reputable breeders hand feeding and socializing the chicks begins the work for you. After purchase that socialization must be a continuing process. Breeder commitment and dedication is the reason that hand fed babies make the best companions.

By hand feeding the babies the breeders instill humans as essential to the babies existence and as a natural and normal part of his flock. This makes humans a recognizable part of the birds family.

It takes a real expert to tame a Macaw Blue And Gold or other that is not a hand fed chick. Most of those will just never become as loving, gentle and happy to be a part of the family as will the hand fed bird. The first step in socializing any large companion bird is hand feeding the chicks.

Personal attention by the breeders goes a very long way, helping to insure anyone willing to continue the process will likely continue to have a good natured, trainable and loving bird.

Unfortunately most or too many prospective owners do not fully grasp the importance of continuing the socialization process initiated by the breeder. So having a great deal of time and even more desire to continue the process is mandatory before anyone should buy a Macaw.

With large birds like the Blue And Gold Macaw the socialization process must be ongoing for life. Left alone to fend on their own Macaws can easily revert. They may become far more wild than a loving, gentle companion.

Left alone to long and or to often the Macaw can easily lose any interest in being that lovable bird and companion you first purchased. He can become that feather plucking, aggressive, extraordinarily loud and destructive bird he is quite capable of becoming.

Done correctly owning a Macaw parrot is every bit as gratifying as owning any other pet, for me it is more. I can think of no other pet that will bond closer or for as long as the Macaw or other large parrots.

For me and maybe because Macaws are not domesicated animals bonding is of a more personal nature. Perhaps it is the sole fact that the Macaws are not domesticated that makes bonding so very remarkable and heartfelt.

Casual pet owners should not consider a Blue And Gold Macaw. He is not for those who lack the time and or dedication, commitment to supply his needs. The Blue And Gold Macaw almost demands you spend your time and that you provide him not just physical care but emotional support also. He can be almost maniacal in his need of your attentions but can be just as maniacal when it comes to showing and giving his affection to those within his flock.

Primarily due to his loving and friendly nature. Seldom will a Blue And Gold Macaw prefer to be left alone. A well socialized Macaw will want to be included in everything you do. When rested he just wants to be wherever you are helping to do whatever you're doing. He can't help it. It's his nature.

A Macaw can become an amazing companion only if you invest your time, your caring, your love, your understanding and devotion. He easily becomes just another beautiful bird without your commitment.

Because owning a Macaw means giving so much of yourself. It is unlikely to ever duplicate the experience with any other type of animal. Life with a Macaw becomes intensely personal and gratifying. The bonus is. The experience can last your lifetime.