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The Well Featured Apartments In Coral Gables

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The New Coral Gables Rentals shines presents us Miami apartments, bedroom apartments, furnished apartments, and unfurnished apartments which help you to discover a large range of Miami apartments from the comfort and convenience. Our apartments are available in a wide variety of different neighborhoods and surrounding cities. We also had pet friendly apartments with swimming pool or off-street parking. All apartments enjoy maid service, utilities and a management team to help....just like a hotel
People can discover the perfect Miami apartments by their own needs such as: price, number of bedrooms, type of housing, type of listing, as well as apartment and community features(AC, Cable TV/DVD, local phone, high speed internet ) We have both Furnished and Unfurnished apartments�
Furnished Apartments: Our Furnished Apartments have various features.
�All utilities included: water, electricity, local phone service and cable television
�Linens and Towels(100% Pima cotton)
�Wood platform bed with 100% latex (natural rubber)mattresses
�Ceiling Fans
�Fully Equipped Kitchen
�Convenient Free parking
�Non-smoking Buildings(smoking permitted outside)
�And many more�
Furnished Apartments also have optional Features as:
In addition to the wonderful features provided free of charge, we also pleased to our valued guests with the following optional features and services:
�Portable beds
�Additional sheets /Towels/Laundering Services
Unfurnished Apartment Features:
�Garbage pick up
�Water & sewage
�Prompt response to maintain & repair needs
�Laundry Facilities on premises
�Convenient Free parking
We also had Special offers like
�Last minute Furnished Specials
�30% discount on Selected Apartments
�Get Discount Just by Call or Email as per requirements
These apartment rentals have several advantages over hotel rooms. Short-term apartment rentals are meant especially to cater to travelers. These apartments are fully furnished and will give you a certain amount of independence, especially in cooking your favorite meals, which is not possible in hotel rooms. These apartments in Coral Gables allow you the comfort of a private residence.
With 20 years of experience and excellence in Coral Gables apartment buildings. We Build and Provide the best. Our apartment is like a flat in a block, which has a separate bedroom, sitting room/lounge, fully equipped kitchen, your own private keys to own door. Our apartments can also be in the form of a studio flat (all in one room with a kitchenette), one, two or three bedrooms. All apartments enjoy maid service, utilities and a management team to help....just like a hotel. Guests only pay for a nightly rate and can live in a flat with everything they would have in their own home.
Want to live the good life near the beach? If you’re a sun worshipper or just want to enjoy the surroundings of Beach we had the perfect ones for newcomers looking for apartments for rent. Miami’s main attractions include the Miami Seaquarium, the Parrot Jungle and several pro sports teams and many more. Most apartments are in buildings designed for the purpose, but large older houses are sometimes divided into apartments. Exquisite apartments, competitive rates and personalized service are our trademarks� helping you to live beautifully is our pleasure...