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Homeless African Grey Parrot

28 13:30:29
My husband loves birds. I, however, could live my entire life without owning a bird. I'm perfectly content to watch them fly

around outside and admire them at my bird feeder. However, my husband decided that he wanted an African grey parrot. I had

not a clue what an African grey parrot even looked like, so we did a little bit of research. I still wasn't convinced. One

evening, he dashed home with the evening paper and shoved it down in front of me. There was an ad for an African grey parrot

that needed a home. He practically begged me. I said that yes, he could call about it. He called immediately and tore off in

the car to meet this homeless African grey parrot. I assumed that he was simply going to see the bird, not bring it home. I

was very wrong.

An hour later, he pulled into the driveway and honked. I met him at the side door and he exited the car with a huge grin on

his face. Ten minutes later, I was staring at this African grey parrot that was now in a large cage in our living room. My

husband was trying to tell me about him and how wonderful a pet he would be. My cats stood beside me looking as thrilled as I

must have. He continued to say that the African grey parrot loves people and talks and would be such a great companion.

Trying to be supportive, and a smidge curious, I leaned over the cage and said hello to this bird. He stared at me. My

husband fed him and gave him water, and we left him alone to settle in to our home. I awoke the next morning to a flutter of

wings and my husband's heavy footsteps in the hallway. I walked out of my bedroom to see this precious African grey parrot

flying past me and my disgruntled husband chasing him. The cats followed close behind. I was less than thrilled at the

feathers that were floating to the floor.
After my husband managed to tackle him and put him back in the cage, he explained that he was trying to hold him. He quickly

realized that his wings were not clipped and he probably had not been accustomed to being out of his cage. I just sighed.

Days later, I came home to hear our African grey parrot talking.

Since there was no one in the house, I assume he was talking to himself or the cats. We had heard him meow at the cats

before, so it was possible he was talking to them. After a few moments of watching this pretty African grey parrot, I was

dying of curiosity. I wondered if he'd let me hold him. He had often come to the side of the cage and ducked his head for me

to scratch it. So, I opened up the door and slowly put my hand inside, telling him to step up. Not the wisest of things to

do. He dove for my thumb like it was the enemy. I squealed, and slammed the door closed. My thumb was dripping blood from his

attack. After washing it off, I decided that our African grey parrot would be nice to look at but I would not be interacting

with him too much. Since my husband wanted an African grey parrot - he was all his.