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How To Stop Parrot Biting Now

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Anyone who owns one of these birds knows already that parrot biting can be not only annoying, but also painful. Unfortunately, without the proper instruction and training, many of these birds will continue that behavior for years. To be honest, without guidance and training, some of these birds will simply never stop that habit.

In homes where there are children, parrot biting can also lead to fear. Children often do not understand that parrot biting is a natural instinct that the animal simply has. They may assume that the bird does not like them or that they have done something to the bird to offend it. There can be as many false assumptions as there are children!

This type of behavior can also make its way over to guests and visitors who happen to get nipped when they try to pet the animal. Also, adult pet owners themselves probably do not relish the idea of having blood drawn by a sharp beak.

So what can be done about this problem?

Anyone who has priced the services of a professional animal trainer will probably tell you that the cost of those services is beyond the reach of most average pet owners. In some cases, it can easily run into the several hundreds of dollars, if not more. With that being the case, pet owners need to find something that is cost effective and that works.

Thankfully, there is just such a program on the market now. It is called the Tame and Train" system, and it is perhaps one of the very best training systems available today. Not only does this system stop parrot biting problems, but it also goes far beyond what its competitors offer.

The main body of the Tame and Train" system is the video that comes with the basic package. This video shows, step-by-step, an untrained and untamed bird being taught the various lessons. These are not actor birds that are shown, but rather real birds, just like those the pet owners may have at home. Each teaching session shows the bird owner exactly what to do at that stage of the training. There is no guess work and there are no hidden secrets left unrevealed. Everything the owner needs to know is covered in detail in easy to understand language.

The basic package comes with the instructional video, two audio CD's, and several books, each written to cover a specific topic that the pet owner will find valuable. All in all, the basic package contains everything a person needs to get started in training his or her bird to behave better.

But this system goes beyond behavior modification techniques. It also contains information and instruction on how to teach your pet to do tricks, how to stop it if it has a tendency to scream, and how to teach it to be more receptive to being petted and played with.

Anyone needing reliable and effective training for a bird would do well to visit the Bird Tricks website at and read the entire system information page. Bird Tricks features a popular and proven method of bird training that will help you develop a loving, yet disciplined, bond with your pet. Contact Bird Tricks directly to learn more!